About Whitespace

We're not really brothers and nor can we fly, but that doesn't matter, does it?

Fly Whitespace and the co-pilots

What started in July 2010 as Jason on his own feeding Adrian after-hours freelance work, is now OUR agency. Located in Cape Town, South Africa with clients located in all corners of the world.
Jason and Adrian
  • Jason Bagley

    Apple fanboy, sports lover, world traveller, amateur photographer, early adopter, blogger and entrepreneur. Born and bred South African with numerous years experience on the web.
    • Jason's stuff
    • 15" Macbook Pro
    • 24inch Samsung LED monitor
    • 32GB iPhone 4S
    • Human Writ.es Writable for notes & meetings
    • iPad 1 for, um... games!
    • Favourite Nespresso flavour? Volluto
  • Adrian Myburgh

    Web designer, Pixel pusher. Typography lover, grid structure believer.
    • A few of my day-to-day needs and favourite's
    • 15" Macbook Pro
    • 24inch Samsung LED monitor
    • Fontcase for font management - Love it!
    • Human Writ.es Writable for just about everything
    • Photoshop (It's a love hate relationship at the best of times)
    • Top Nespresso flavour currently: Vivalto Lungo